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About Food Donations

Having a steady, regular supply of food is critical for Soup Angels of Nyack

so we can provide food for the hot meals  to meet the food

needs in our community. Due to food costs, our traditional food donations

have decreased in quantity. 

An important source of food that we continue to receive is the generous

donations from people in our community.  We continue to get wonderful donations of food from individuals, families, food drives, and civic organizations. We thank you for your donations and we encourage you to keep them coming.


Items most needed right now

Canned soups

Canned proteins (tuna, chicken, stews, canned meats) 

Canned vegetables such as corn, black beans, kidney beans, peas

Canned whole or diced tomatoes

Tomato sauce

Canned pasta sauces (not glass)  

Small bags of white rice

Healthy breakfast cereals



Small packages of Crackers etc. (for school lunches)

Paper Towels

Bars of Soap


Laundry Soap

Ziplock freezer bags - 1 gal size

Reusable Shopping bags

Supermarket Gift Cards (used to buy fresh vegetables and salad ingredients)

Note: We kindly ask that all cans have a pull lid

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